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Grading History & Theory

Grading History

Our lineage.

In Kung Fu lineage is extremely important. It shows who you have been taught by. And a teacher with a good lineage and good reputation will only recognise a student as a teacher if the student is worthy. So if you are recognised by a teacher from a strong lineage then it acts as an endorsement. Your lineage will also tell what you have learned. It will tell who your Kung Fu Family are. And in the traditional Chinese way of praying to your ancestors and asking for their help and wisdom, the stronger your ancestors, the better the help that you will get.

We will gradually tell you the stories of our ancestors. For now here are their names which you should learn for your grading:

Great, Great, Great Grand Master: Xiao Dan Qing.

Great, Great, Grand Masters: Tee Hong Yew, Tan Kew Leong, Miao Sian Meng.

Great Grand Masters Ang Lian Huat, (Tan Heng Hang), Teo Choon Bee.

Grand Master: Tan Soh Tin.

Master: Iain Armstrong.

There are a lot of very interesting characters on this list and you can read about them here: