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getting started

There is a bewildering amount of information on our site – there has to be because we have so much to share and because we want to keep you hooked in, always discovering something new. 

Set up your profile

Introduce yourself to the rest of the family.  Let them know who you are and what is special about you.

Go to the Menu and select Community > My Profile

Once on your profile page, go to the drop down menu on the right side (as pictured here). From there, you can update your profile including Bio, profile picture, header picture, and more.

Choose a training program

You have 3 choices:


This is our suggested program if you want to do kung fu.


This is our suggested program if you prefer a gentler approach, are not overly interested in fighting but want to take advantage of our arts and our knowledge to improve your health and advance your wisdom.


This is your opportunity to combine whichever courses you want to create your own unique training program.  Only choose this if you are very sure that you can manage your own training program.


Once you have done these, have a browse around.  Check out our updates and our history and philosophy areas.  Have a good look at our training section.  Check out the discussion areas.  View our Nam Yang hall of fame.  See what stimulates your interest!

Key Resources

Explore key videos, documents, and additional materials to help you learn our arts

Kung Fu Philosophy

Read blog posts and join in on discussions


Learn about the history of Nam Yang, Shaolin Kung Fu, and more. 

Welcome to the Family

We are pleased to have you with us.  Please share Nam Yang Global Family with anyone who you believe might be interested.