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    Dieter Dolde

    At the quizz of date 17 the 3. question is no question visible. There is are only tru or false. visible
    Admin – Jan, couldd you please check where or what is the question?
    For further working on I choice tru.
    very best wishes from Dieter

    Emily McCarten

    Hey @dieter_dolde !

    For Day 17, Quiz #3, the question should say
    “You can wash your face with Chi.”
    With the multiple choice options of True or False. 🙂

    I’ve emailed the Admin to let them know of this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Dieter.



    @dieter_dolde thank you for bringing this to our attention, it has been fixed!

    Dieter Dolde

    Many thanks for including the question in the quizz Tong Ling Chi Kung Day 17.

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